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Griffith Microscopy

Microscopy at Griffith University

Welcome to the Microscopy Portal for Griffith University. Here you can analyse, visualize and store your microscopy images. Large amounts of storage are provided at no cost to the researcher thanks to the Griffith University Archive storage solution.

This portal uses the software Columbus, from Perkin Elmer. Columbus integrates tightly with the Opera and Operetta High Content Imaging Systems and is based on the OMERO system by Open Microscopy Environment. It can also visualize images and image data from most other microscopes via the Bioformats library. Analysis tools are available via building blocks. This allow you to easily create and customize algorithms to compare multiple samples, plates or batches.Visualized results can then be exported to formats such as Excel and Powerpoint and can interface with Accelrys Pipeline Pilot, IDBS ActivityBase and Volocity.

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